Frequently Asked Questions

All About Woodoo Box

The price depends on how many items you choose for your box. You can select from 6 categories and up to 30 items for your box. Here is the price list of each type of items depending on the dog size:

woodoo box pricing

We offer 6 types of items. Each type has a maximum quantity allowed for each box. Please see screenshot below

woodoo box maximum quantities

You will pick from 6 categories. Since we are subscription box, we want to give your pup surprise!

We are planning to open one soon. We will notify you once the online store is launched:)

How To Order

Start from Step 1. The ordering process only takes 3 minutes with 4 easy steps.

You can order a gift box, which is one-time only and doesn't auto renew. Remember all our subscription plans don't require commitment, you can cancel anytime!

There are two ways. One is go to homepage and click on the “Build your box” button to buy an additional box. Or, in your online account, click on the “Add a box” button in the top menu, then choose the dog size to start ordering process.

woodoo box how to add a box

Step 1: In your online account, click on the “Add a box” for your second dog to start the ordering process.

woodoo box add a box

Step 2: After you get to the shopping cart, click on the “Add a Dog Profile” button to create profile for second dog.

woodoo box add a dog

You can visit our homepage and click on the “Give a gift” button or use the button in your online account . Gift box is one-time purchase and does NOT auto renew. You will also be able to enter a gift message and gift recipient's info. Make sure to add a dog profile for the dog you are giving the gift to. When you add a dog profile, you will enter the name and address of the gift recipient.

woodoo box give a gift woodoo box add dog profile

Your Subscription

No. All our plans are “pay as you go”. We don't request that you pay an annual lump sum or upfront for several months. You can cancel your subscription ANYTIME without losing money.

We made it extremely easy to cancel. No emails, no phone calls, just log into your account, click on “Active Subscription” tab, hit the “Cancel” button that matches the subscription you want to cancel. None of our plans have a contract, so, cancel ANYTIME. If the invoice for current month has been billed and we haven't shipped yet, please contact us, we will refund you and stop the shipping. If it's been shipped, you will still receive the box, and we cannot refund you.

woodoo box how to cancel

Yes. You can skip your subscription's installment. For example, if your delivery frequency is every two months, you can skip two months at a time. If your delivery frequency is every one month, you can skip one month at a time. If you want to skip multiple installments, just click the skip button multiple times. See the screenshot below:

woodoo box how to skip


If for example you don't want any treats, just keep the quantity of treats at 0 when you select your items.

woodoo box toy only

You can specify what types of toys you don't want to receive, like this:

woodoo box customize toy

Of course! We cater to FIVE dog sizes, including extra small. Choosing the dog size is the first step you will take while building your box. If you don't know the dog size, simply select “Medium”.

woodoo box dog size

If you have dogs of different sizes, or otherwise cannot share a profile - order boxes separately. Then in your profile, specify if you want the boxes combined for shipping, like the screenshot shows below. We will refund extra shipping fees you paid for separate boxes. As long as the total amount is over $39 the shipping is free.

woodoo box combine boxes

Yes. When you build your box, simply select tougher plush toys in step 2, like the screenshot shows below. They are made of double-layer or tougher fabric which last longer. But keep in mind, any plush toys can be destroyed by a power chewer.

woodoo box tougher plush toys

We have lots of toys made of very tough materials like rubber and nylon. Just specify it in your dog's profile like the screenshot shows below. We will send the toughest toys on the market. HOWEVER, bones, antlers, and nylon toys are VERY hard and might break dogs' teeth. We recommend that you embrace your pup's destruction which is better than broken teeth. A lot of times dog owners are not aware that their dogs' teeth are broken, which is very painful. Also make sure to always supervise your pup and take away anything that might become a choking hazard or be swollen by your pup.

woodoo box chewing style

Yes. Just specify it in your dog's profile that you don't want squeakers for your toys like the screenshot shows below:

woodoo box toy no squeaker

Yes. Just select soft treats in your dog's profile. However, your treat variety will be more limited compared to no restrictions. You may receive same or similar items in your box more frequently.

woodoo box soft treats

We accommodate at least 20 food allergens! Just make selections in your dog's profile like the screenshot below. However, excessive restrictions will limit the treat variety or even cause us to not be able to fulfill your box. We will try our best and keep you notified.

woodoo box allergy

Yes. You will customize like this in your dog's profile. Most of our treats don't contain sugar anyway.

woodoo box no sugar

You can change your dog's profile ANYTIME for your next delivery. Simply go to the “My Profile” tab in your account and click on the “Edit” button for the specific dog profile you want to change.

woodoo box edit dog profile

You can remove or add items ANYTIME for your next deliveries, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click on the “Active Subscriptions” tab in your online account. Then click on the “Edit” button for the subscription you want to change

woodoo box remove items

Step 2. On the subscription page. Look for the “Subscribed” invoice , click on the plus sign if you see it.

woodoo box how to remove items

Step 3. Click the “View” button.

woodoo box how to remove box items

Step 4. On the invoice page. Look for the section to remove items, and click on the delete icons for your items.

woodoo box remove box items

If you want to add items, click on the dropdown list on invoice page to add items for your next deliveries.

woodoo box remove items

What's In The Box

Right now there are six categories of items you can select for your box: treats, edible chews, regular plush toys, tougher plush toys, non-plush toys and bandanas. We may add other categories later.

We rotate through a large variety of treats and toys. Most of time you will not get repeated items so your dog is never bored. But if you have a lot of restrictions specified in your dog's profile, you may get same or similar items more frequently.

Treats and chews are all made in USA except that very few are made in Canada, Europe or South America. Most of our treats and chews are sourced from local small businesses in US. Nothing from China or other countries where quality and safety can't be guaranteed.

Our toys are sourced from all over the world.

We are dedicated to dogs' healthy eating. Our ingredients are all 100% natural, free of wheat, soy, corn, 3D/4D Meat, animal by-product meals, artificial coloring, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavorings, fillers or other dangerous chemicals like ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, PG (Propylene Glycol), food dyes. We also don't include any ingredients your dog is allergic to. Please visit our ingredients page for learn more.

We never include rawhide in our product line. Rawhide is often heavily treated with chemicals, difficult to digest and has no nutritional value. We offer rawhide alternatives such as bully sticks, dental chews, pig ears, and bones which are healthier and safer.

Pocket is for you to insert treats, just like a treat dispenser!


For first delivery, You will be billed as soon as you start your plan.  For future deliveries, it depends on the shipping frequency you choose. You will be billed when your order is shipped. For example, if your first box is billed on Feb, 17, 2019, and your shipping frequency is every two months, then second box will be billed on April, 17, 2019

You will be renewed on the same day of the month you purchased your first box. For example, if you purchased a subscription plan with every-two-month delivery on March 5th, 2019, you will be renewed on May 5th, 2019.

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, as well as Paypal.

If you are making a new purchase: in your cart, click on the “Add a Payment Method” button to add the new one. Or select one of the existing payment methods from the dropdown list.

woodoo box change Payment method

If you want to change payment method for existing subscription: Go to your upcoming invoice, look for the “Payment Method” dropdown in the bottom right corner. Select the payment method you want, then click on the “Use Card” button.

woodoo box change payment method


Yes, see the screenshot below. You can have your box delivered every two weeks, every month, every two months, or every three months.

woodoo box delivery frequency

Yes. You can change your delivery frequency anytime for your next deliveries. Note that the change won't take effect until next billing cycle. Here is the steps to make the change:

Step 1. Click on “Active Subscriptions” tab in your online account. Then click on “Edit” button for the subscription you want to change

woodoo box change delivery frequency

Step 2. On the subscription page, click on the drop-down list under “Plan”. You will see the drop-down list with different frequency for you to change to, then click the “Update Subscription” button

woodoo box change delivery frequency

Once you order your first box, it will be shipped within two business days, then another 1-3 business days for shipping. We ship everyday, so you will receive your next box after the days of the delivery frequency you choose. For example, after one month, you will receive your second box.

Yes, you will receive an email with tracking number once we ship your package.

Currently we only ship to US, including all the 50 states plus District of Columbia. We may add international shipping in the future.

Go to the “My Profile tab”, then edit the profile you want to change.

woodoo box change address

Shipping is $4.99 flat rate if purchase amount is under $39. Shipping is free if over $39.

What you can do is paying for your next invoice now. On your upcoming invoice, just click on the “Pay Now” button. We will send you the box right away.

woodoo box pay now

Return and Exchange

Yes. We offer 15-day free replacement. If your pup doesn't like any items(except for plush toys) in the box, we will replace items for free. Just make sure to send us the pictures and the names of the items you want to replace within 15 days after you receive the box so that we know what we should replace with. However, to prevent this feature being abused, each customer is allowed to have one replacement shipment per box and we are happy to replace as many products as necessary in that shipment box. Replacement products are not covered by our guarantee and are not replaceable. Repeated replacement requests may result in the termination of your membership. Plus, we don't replace plush toys if they are destroyed by your dog

We offer 15-day free replacement for any items(except for plush toys) your pup doesn't like, therefore, if you let us know you want the replacement within 15 days after you receive the box, you can keep or donate the unwanted items. No need to return to us. However, we don't replace destroyed plush toys.

Coupon and Discount

Yes, we offer 10% off first box. Use coupon code 47YS36N.

No, we are sorry only one coupon can be used for each order.

Yes. Coupons can be used on new purchase or existing subscriptions. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on the “Active Subscriptions” tab in your online account. Then click on the “Edit” button for the subscription you want to apply coupon to.

woodoo box find upcoming invoice

Step 2. On the subscription page. Look for the “Subscribed” invoice , click on the plus sign if you see it.

woodoo box view invoice

Step 3. Click the “View” button.

woodoo box view invoice

Step 4. On the invoice page, look for Coupon code box, enter coupon, and hit the “Add Code” button. Now your coupon will be applied to the upcoming invoice.

woodoo box apply coupon

Referral Program

Yes. For every friend you refer, we pay you 10% commission of their first purchase. Visit here to get your unique link to share with your friends or check your rewards status.

There's no limit to the commission you can earn.

Yes, you don't have to make purchase first before referring friends. Just visit here and register to get your unique link to share with your friends or check your rewards status. In the end, if your friends successfully makes a purchase through your referral link, you will be rewarded.

We will pay you through paypal


You can use the “forgot password” feature on login screen, or you can change it in your profile. Below is how you can change it in your profile.

Step1: Go to the “My Profile” tab, click on the “Edit” button of the “Main Profile”.

woodoo box edit profile

Step2: Click on the “Reset Password” button under “Edit Account Login”.

woodoo box change password

Yes. For every $200 you spend, we email you a coupon. Click here for more details